Welcome to MM Conversations, a safe place where you can grow.

I will provide you with time, space and resources how to embrace yourself and become a person you want to be.


To feel safe during our conversations is my number one priority. That is why we are equal partners, always. Ultimately, it is you who decides which direction we will go and at what pace. I communicate openly about everything and always inform my clients upfront. Confidentiality of our conversations is guaranteed.


I perceive human being as a whole that cannot be separated into physical, psychological and spiritual parts and to work with them separately. More and more research shows that everything in our body/person communicates and is connected. Therefore, in our conversations, we are focusing on your mental part and also on your emotions, physical manifestations, and actions.


The aim of our meetings is your growth and development, movement forward to where you are drawn to and where it makes sense to you. It will be a journey, sometimes maybe difficult and thorny, but it will be worth it! And I will be there for you all the time and be your biggest fan!  Because as Alfred Adler said: „Man knows much more than he can understand. “  And from my own experience I add: „Man can do much more than he can imagine!“

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